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Product Returns Management Solutions

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of retail purchases are online

While adoption of online retail is growing all the time, offline facilities are here to stay and can be leveraged to the benefit of online retailers. Offline retailers can provide a multitude of in-shop services. They can also be the human face for customers and agents of change to help consumers cross the digital divide.


of online purchased
products are returned

On average 30% of the purchase price is lost for every item returned. As a consequence the retail industry loses hundreds of billions of dollars every year, worldwide. Beyond the financial impact, the negative affect of returns on sustainability is majorly significant.


of online customers demand free shipping for returns

Most online retailers offer a flexible return policy in which they assume return-related expenses to secure online purchases. Since consumer behaviour ultimately results in one third of online purchases being returned, online retailers have to take into account and deal with loss on an ongoing basis.

About OtailO

In the retail industry where 30% or more of online purchases are returned resulting in billions of dollars of loss, and where the return process itself has a massively negative impact on sustainability, a solution is needed that not only mitigates this loss, but turns it into gain – for customers, retailers and the planet.


OtailO is a platform solving the challenge of purchases that are returned by online customers, by matching online retailers with existing offline retailers, and enabling the offline retailers to validate, handle and resell the returned goods, as well as to provide additional services.



Using AI and machine learning, Otailo identifies and matches online and offline retailers together. Once matched OtailO facilitates their business affiliation. Via the affiliation, the online retailer can leverage the offline retailer to be a human face for its customers and gain professional expertise from people who know and understand the local community and their needs. Moreover, via this match, the online retailer can learn more about the customer and their purchase patterns.



When customers return an item they can choose a return spot from the list of available offline retailers.

The offline retailer validates the return enabling the customer to claim a quicker and easier refund. 

OtailO disrupts the reverse logistics process and the returned item is resold locally via the OtailO Platform.



OtailO enables online retailers to leverage their offline retailer affiliates for additional retail services that can help them to optimize their logistics and marketing.These services include storage, events and even product trials and launches.

Customers and Retailers can leverage the online returns market to find and sell returned purchases.

matching Online

Why OtailO?

 To increase revenue for retailers and to mitigate losses from returned purchases 

 To reduce the carbon footprint and to support a sustainable and circular economy: for the local community and the planet 

with Offline

ALE & RONI MAYER, Co-Founders

Between them, Ale and Roni have 40 years in the software industry. They are married and have four children.


Ale has worked in several hi-tech companies, including Comverse, CVidiya & Personali. He started in development and moved to business and sales. He has held key positions in account management, success management & sales. In his latest position he was VP of Customer Success. Over the years he has handled major international e-commerce players accounts with multi-billion dollars in revenue. 

Roni has worked in several hi-tech companies, including Check Point – the Internet Security company and SAP – the giant of business processes. She has held key positions in the fields of NPI (New Product Introduction), knowledge management and user assistance. With extensive global management experience, she has managed many cross-organizational, cross-functional projects and is an expert in digital transformation. She has a Master’s in organizational consultancy and development. Roni has her own change management consultancy business, and is a published novelist.

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